Spun Bond:

It’s a nonwoven fabric which is made of polypropylene. Spun Bond is known as disposable fabric , nonwoven , needle-like layer , nonwoven needle-like and nonwoven spun as well.

This fabric is used in producing teabags, military industries, medical, agriculture, civil, environment, covering and packaging, producing industrial filters, automobile industries etc.

Melt Blown & Spunbond Compound Composites:

  • Four layers spunbond “SMMS”
  • Five layers spunbond “SSMMS” (two layers of spunbond + two layers of melt blown + one layer of spunbond)

Melt Blown

Melt Blown extrusion is a procedure that is used to produce nonwoven fabrics which are made by polymers such as polypropylene; the obtained fabric is absorbent and antibacterial due to density of ingredients.

Spun Bond Fabrics Produced By Harir Baft Amir Company:

  • Two layers spunbond “SS”
  • Three layers spunbond “SSS”
  • Four layers spunbond “SMMS”
  • Five layers spunbond “SSMMS”


  • Grammage from 8 to 150
  • Up to 320 centimeters width for each roll
  • Up to 5000 meters length for each roll
  • Ability to produce as hydrophilic or hydrophobic
  • Antibacterial ability
  • Produce in different colors

Medical Use

Agricultural Use

Packaging & Covering

Hygienic Use

Food Industry